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Taken from :icontvskyle: I am doing a series of the hated/loved obscure characters of the past.

Suggestions are welcome, but I wont do all (like Awesome possum or crap like that).

Here the Lineup so far:
Sparkster - Rocket Knight Adventures by ThemrockJade and Pey'j - Beyond Good and Evil by ThemrockRistar by ThemrockWilly - Rockin' Kats by ThemrockKid Dracula by ThemrockPlok by ThemrockKlayman - Neverhood by ThemrockTime Gal by ThemrockToeJam and Earl by ThemrockAero the Acrobat by ThemrockAsha - Monster World by ThemrockZool by ThemrockJazz Jackrabbit by ThemrockJames Pond by ThemrockRocky Rodent by ThemrockCoolSpot by ThemrockBoogerman by ThemrockZero the Kamikaze Squirrel by ThemrockJammer Lammy by ThemrockTempo by ThemrockWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong? by ThemrockMarina Liteyears - Mischief Makers by ThemrockBonk by ThemrockManny Calavera - Grim Fandago by Themrock
For Warner Brothers Animations!


Minty May by jeiae

You wanna see a new Neverhood-like point&click game by the same makers from the first?
They started a Kickstarter page a while ago and are close to their Goal of 900k dollar.

Help and push it over the goal! Its the last day to make the projekt possible!……

My life is pretty busy right now and I miss drawing stuff. But the break is also welcome and I enjoy my freetime with my girlfriend and enjoy the hot summer days.

Stay tuned, I will return soon with the missing trade pieces, jams and stuff.

Seems like all devart watchers here have immigrated to tumblr? Noticed a less active community here.


30 Character Commission challenge!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2012, 4:24 PM


I accept 25 character commissions for 15$ (because exchanged in euro I would make even less money when I want 10$)
I copied the rules from Sandra Rivas (sorry).

Note: I am not necessarily doing it in order, while some may pay later or even not.

UPDATE: I will do all male and animal characters first, because I put a bit more care and work in femal characters. Sorry... it's a strange whims of me...

(p) = payed, * = sketched, ° = done

1. :iconhappysorceress: - Question/Rene Montoya ° Question - Renee Montoya by Themrock

2. :iconminnie-salinas: - Roger Bukowsky° Roger Bukowsky by Themrock

3. :iconbaron-von-jello: - Sykes° Sykes by Themrock

4. :iconspidersaiyan: - Lacey Highwater° Lacey Highwater by Themrock

5. :iconfrazzy626: - Fangface ° Fangface by Themrock

6. :iconenehsalome: - Oreon° Oreon by Themrock

7. :iconjunkborgs: - Piranha character ° Piranha by Themrock

8. :iconaurgail: - Pako (X-men)° Pako (X-men) by Themrock

9. :iconjessicaplummer: - Han Solo piece (p) *

10. :iconthealleyrat: - Rocky ° Rocky the Raccoon by Themrock

11. :iconmaxblackrabbit: - Snowblind° Snowblind by Themrock

12. :iconak-is-harmless: - Apsara° Aspara with Ben and Winslow by Themrock

13. :iconicewolf762: -  Jess ° Jess by Themrock

14. :iconjeiae: - Tahni° Tahni Rock by Themrock

15. :iconhanksbeaniehat: - Articz Lupinc ° Scott Of The Articz by Themrock

16. :iconmynosylexia: - Mynos ° Minos by Themrock

17. :iconfrenchfluff: - Spanx the Weasel ° Spanx the Weasel by Themrock

18. :iconbpavlica: - Mr Pavo °Mr. Pavo by Themrock

19. :iconfleebitten: - Flee ° Flee by Themrock

20. :iconlimelight-night: - Alexander ° Alexander by Themrock

21. :iconblooperkoopa19: - Allen° Allen by Themrock

22. :iconmajorasmasks: - Bon Clay° Bon Clay by Themrock

23. :iconastralfenrir: - Foley° Foley by Themrock

24. :iconyosterdragon: - Fifinella° Fifinella by Themrock

25. :icongajebump: - Solder° Solder by Themrock

26. :icondynamicsketch: - Camomille° Camomile by Themrock

27. :iconuberman5000: - Captain Syrup° Captain Syrup by Themrock

28. :iconangusmcleod: - PM° PM by Themrock

29. :icontwarda8: - Zid° Zid by Themrock

30. :iconrecycledoj: - Quizzik° Quizzik by Themrock

:iconmakotomizuhara: - should finally finish them... (p)
:iconsteph-laberis: - Miku (p)
:iconslydante: - Gift for his steam help :)
Nico Colaleo - Scribble and Skarfy

1. 15 Dollars for one character
2. It can be any character you want: your original or from anywhere (Tv show, games, comics, etc). All I ask is that you give me some helpful references and maybe suggest a pose to me.
3. Let's keep each commission slightly appropriate since I will be showing this to everyone on the web. So no porn or character that was made for pornographic reason.
4. You will need a paypal account. It's easy to get one so no need to panic.
5. You cannot reserve so request one while you still can.

How to Get Started

Send me a note  ---> Title it "25 Sketch" --> Give me the name of the character you want me to draw, some helpful references (I'll need the full body), I will reply back with a link to my paypal account

Once I am done with the commission, I will email you a high-resolution of the drawing.

An example how a work will look like:

Sasha by Themrock

I sell myself for low here.

Stamp by ThemrockEstampilla by ZorgiaTibet by jonnymorris

1. :iconmakotomizuhara: Fayla and Layen
2. :iconmakotomizuhara: His His Mana Pristresses

Ishayah and Mossgod Warmup by ThemrockAraniella Warmup by ThemrockSyrillia Warmup by Themrock
Monizrak - God of Mushrooms by ThemrockGeneral Olodi Warmup by ThemrockBaat Warmup by ThemrockPilarius Warmup by ThemrockKing Kardagg Warmup by Themrock
Tarajoba Warmup by ThemrockKwaa Kwii Warmup by ThemrockFroobata Warmup by ThemrockKakaraka Warmup by ThemrockNadja Fadra Warmup by Themrock

more will come soon.

(everything copy pasted from Claire Duffy, because i am a lazy jerk.)
The Rules:

Be one of the first 9 people commenting on this journal entry, and I'll put your avatar and three deviations that I think are the coolest in this "Share the Art" feature.

IMPORTANT: If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal; putting me on the first place!

The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So be a nice guy!

seriously im a jerk about these things. If you post and don't join in i'll move to the next person.


1. :iconrocketgal:

2. :icontabascofanatikerin:

The Pirate Captain by TabascofanatikerinExploring like a tadpole by TabascofanatikerinEverybody loves Rayman by Tabascofanatikerin

3. :iconbriandanielwolf:

Leland Concept Art Current by BrianDanielWolfMuffin Design Concepts by BrianDanielWolfPulse Monsters by BrianDanielWolf

4. :iconcolonel-strawberry:

Angry Bird by colonel-strawberryGarglerargle by colonel-strawberryTempting by colonel-strawberry

5. :iconfishburger:

Confound These Ponies by fishburger (that's mah' boy) :thumb195533614:

6. :iconmeckelfoxstudio:

Chibi Tiny Toons by MeckelFoxStudioMijumaru by MeckelFoxStudioCommission: Carly by MeckelFoxStudio

7. :iconkiadesignz:

Earthworm Jim Set by KiaDesignzBruiser Commission by KiaDesignzAvatar2 by KiaDesignz

8. :iconcosmic-doodle:

Gator by Cosmic-doodlecyril sneer by Cosmic-doodleWAKE UP by Cosmic-doodle

9. :iconsunny-x-ray:

ADVENTURE TIME - The Grass Princess by Sunny-X-RayKent Cleep and the eel by Sunny-X-RayThe Big Superman - Color Practise by Sunny-X-Ray

10. :iconalittleofsomething:

Snow ID by alittleofsomethingIt's cold, Tom, you should put your hat on by alittleofsomethingCherry by alittleofsomething
Stay tuned.

Colors are done. Back to private work.

Every new feature has awesome trolling possibilities!


Not 'so' great news, but at least its a hint they ARE doing a second game:…

Playing Skyward Sword and finished the 3rd dungeon.

So far the game has the usual probs like the other 3D ones.
Camera acts like a braindead walrus is moving it (many kills caused by camera) and the navigator sidekick is calling the obvious.

The new items are smart and make fun. The dungeons feel way more polished and complicated than the ones from Twilight Princess.
The way to the dungeons feels way more exciting and like a important part of the game than just 'run trough it and kill everything between'.
The 2nd Boss is one of the best I have experienced in the series so far.

The controls are maybe a bit overloaded and the motion control could use some rework in sense of reaction, but its way more fun to think when you attack instead of
just hack and slay.

The whole world feels way more cleaned and oversightable. No endless search for items everywhere.
Pretty much like Windwaker.
The characters feel all way more likeable than in Twilight. Groose could become on of my favs.

I did not mind the long intro. Actually gave more time to get used to the characters, controls and the town.
The game rewards you with lottsa more fun afterwards.

I enjoy the bright watercolor style. We had a dark and gritty Zelda with Twilight, its a nice change of pace and feel.

Storywise... I don't know. I enjoyed Majora's Mask and WindWaker over all the other 3D ones. Skyward Sword comes
close to be one of my prefered titles of the series.  

That's all I have to say so far.

This year I had some nice discoveries in the fields of tattoo and graffiti, where artists were using my drawings without permission and going with the easy excuse 'It's a free interpretation of your drawing'.
I repeat it again... ASK FOR PERMISSION. It won't hurt you to do that and you won't die when I say no.
And when you get caught, because you even did not tell the artist AFTER you posted an image on devart... don't get jerky... you did the mistake, not the artist.

Its plain art theft to use it without a permission from the artist.
No artist likes it when you use his gallery as a free to use collection for your tattoo shop or your graffiti idea.

Must I really put big ugly copyright watermarks over my drawings, because some of you still can't learn basic rules?

Or go the best way: DO OWN ART instead of using others drawing. You won't get into copyright trouble when you draw your own stuff.

It is not that hard to learn and understand the basics of respecting others property... and you can even show off more between your scene kids, when you drew your own stuff.

Flash Flash Flash Flash.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Really appreciate them.

And the last journal was fake, should be obvious already.

Have fun.

That's right! I got a gig at dreamworks creating the next big 3D movie. I pitched one of my ideas and it got accepted.
It's still pretty much the start of it and cannot really tell more, but be prepared for updates!


I will rule the world with my new skills! Women will lick honey from my feet. Otakus will beg to have my girls on pillows.

Now I Am An Anime Artist Too! by Themrock

Mario Kart - Daisy by vern-argh

Verna was the artist for Princess Daisy in the Mario Kart Collab. She got not credited in the Game Master magazine print (which was not my mistake). To make it good for her, here an extra credit!

Princess Daisy - Verna Jääskinen :iconvern-argh:

Go check her out!


P.s.: You can order the magazine here:…